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SUSUR A CULINARY LIFE. This book holds a special place in my heart. I have had the pleasure of eating at SUSUR and LEES next door on many occasions and have met the legend himself. The first half of the book tells the story of his culinary journey and how he found himself in Toronto. There is a heartfelt story of his wife dying in a plane crash, and how he rose to become one of the best chefs in Canada. The second half of the book are his culinary masterpieces. Probably not geared toward the home cook. Some of the recipes can be a bit daunting with long lists of hard to find ingredients. SUSUR truly is a master of his craft with influences from all over the world to join his Chinese background. This book is a good read for the non cook as well, and is very inspirational for the home an professional cooks. Sadly SUSUR closed his doors in Toronto an he moved to New York. Lees is still open and serves some of the best food in the city. For those of us that live near Toronto we miss you.

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